Our St Helens College 14-16 Academy students enjoyed a thought-provoking performance this week to raise awareness around ‘consent’.

The performance was delivered by Performing Arts students from St Helens College, who have been commissioned by St Helens Council’s, Young People’s Drugs and Alcohol Team (YPDAAT) and Teenage Advice Zone (TAZ) to help spread their campaign message.

The performance followed the story of a young couple, who experience the full force of peer pressure. The performance shone a light on not only the importance of consent, but the repercussions it has on those involved.

Deputy Head, Ian Mackenzie, commented on the performance, saying: “The performance today was excellent. It was an extremely powerful drama, which gave our students lots to think about. A big thankyou to our visitors, who showed our students that there are services available out there, who offer help, support and guidance, to anyone who needs it.”

St Helens College students perform at the 14-16 Academy