Our students listening to our Guest Speaker at TalkFestStaff and students at St Helens College welcome The Clinical Commissioning Group and St Helens Healthy Living Team this week, as they continue their mission to ensure the mental health services available, meet the needs of local residents, including the children and young people of St Helens.

Members of the CCG Mental Health team spoke to students from our Health and Social Care, Animal Management, Sports, Engineering, Childcare, Public Services and Youth Work courses, where they addressed the mental health services available, as well as encouraging students to participate in various focus groups to collect views on current services, access to services and waiting times etc.

As part of their group activities, students were encouraged to make their own ‘Pledge to Mental Health’, sharing some heart-warming thoughts surrounding the topic. The information taken away from the session will hopefully inspire those who want to work in the industry, whether that’s as a volunteer, a counsellor or a mental health nurse.

Jo Navin, manager of the communication and engagement team at CCG, commented: “We’re very keen to upkeep our ongoing relationship with St Helens College. As a CCG we’re trying to get a lot more engagement with the community. We’ve recognised a key way to try and change mind-sets, behaviours and educate is through our young people.”

Clare Webster, Head of Department for Health Sciences, Care & Public Services, commented: “Based on the success of our January NHS Talkfest and the student engagement and involvement, we were keen to continue these themes with important messages to young people. We wanted to gain a real mixture of views from curriculum areas, ages and genders, regarding issues that young people are dealing with. These types of focus groups allow us to use the voice of students to enforce change. By bringing these professionals into the organisation it helps them to understand how serious we take it here at the College.”

Our Guest Speaker at TalkFest Our students taking part in activities at TalkFest