EllieOur Connecting Classroom to Career Ambassador, Ellie, has recently started her English degree at Edge Hill University and has shared her experiences of settling into university life!

"I was so nervous about starting university. The thought of having to meet new people, make friends and be capable of handling the volume of work and deadlines, terrified me!

I think my imagination may have gotten the better of me, because my first day was amazing. Despite missing my tutors from the A Level Academy, my new lecturers remind me of them in some way or another. They are all very welcoming and they make the lectures fun and interesting.

My new friends are amazing too and I love that we are a mixed group and come from different backgrounds and experiences. Some are mature students and some are my age. We love to chat over a Starbucks about everything and anything or specifically about the course. One of our favourite topics at the moment is Charlotte Bronte's 'Jane Eyre' because it is the first piece of Victorian fiction that we are going to read on the degree. I read it in a day and absolutely love it! It also helps that I studied it at A level, so I know the text very well.

When I am not catching up with friends or in a lecture, I spend most of my time in the library doing extra research and reading. I spend each day, (sometimes lost in there!) except for a Wednesday because it's my day off. My inner geek loves this place - three whole floors of books and around 800 computers. Sometimes I'm the only person in there.

The only frustrating part of my degree, is I have quite a strange timetable. All of my lectures/seminars or workshops are in the afternoon and last up until six o'clock but such is university life! The good news is, we have plenty of breaks, so we can grab a drink or nip to the shop and buy junk food for a pick me up.

My degree is keeping me very busy but I wouldn't change it for the world as I am studying a subject that I love."

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