Childcare and Health and Social Care

Education and Health Services Pathway

Working in childcare or health and social care can be very rewarding as you'll be making a huge difference to people's lives every day.

You may find yourself caring for children, the disabled, the sick or the elderly within a variety of job roles such as a nurse, social worker, midwife, paramedic, dentist, surgeon or optician to name but a few. Whatever you decide to choose, your skills will definitely be in demand.

What qualifications will I study?

  • Level 2 CACHE Childcare
  • Level 2 BTEC Health and Social Care

These qualifications are equivalent to two GCSEs.

What will I learn?

Childcare and health and social care cover a very broad range of topics from an introduction to working with children, early years, development and wellbeing to promoting healthy lifestyles and understanding how the body works.

You'll be able to apply this new knowledge and range of skills to the next stage of your education journey.

Where will this qualification take me?

Once you have completed this qualification at the end of year 11, you'll be able to either:

Ref: Kieron Tucker

Why study at St Helens College 14-16 Academy?

Maximise Your Potential

Students achieve expected or better progress in their studies after joining us. 

Unique Curriculum

Prepare for the world of work by studying an industry sector pathway alongside your GCSEs.

Workplace Environments

Develop your skills and knowledge in real, workplace environments.

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Smaller class sizes provide a more personalised learning experience.

Employability Skills

Develop employability skills including team working and entrepreneurship.

Inspiring Guest Speakers

Learn directly from industry professionals and inspirational, expert representatives.