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Maths GCSE

This course is suitable for those who require a GCSE qualification in maths to secure employment. This course is available at either foundation or higher levels, with the higher level preparing you for A Level study.

When will I start the course and how long will it take?

This course will commence in September, taking one academic year to complete.

What will I study?

The syllabus will develop a broad range of practical mathematics which will relate to everyday life. The following areas will be covered:

  • Statistics and number
  • Number and algebra
  • Geometry and Algebra

How is it assessed?

The assessment for this course is exam based.

Do I need any previous qualifications to start this course?

Entry to the course will be based on the results of an initial and diagnostic assessment which on enrolment. Based on the outcome of this assessment you will be placed on an appropriate level to suit your needs.

What are the course fees?

This course is free.

What can I go on to do once I have completed this course?

Gaining a GCSE in maths can lead to several progression opportunities. You may decide to undertake further study choosing from; A levels, Access to HE, level 3 courses or an apprenticeship. A maths GCSE would enhance your CV and improve your employability prospects.

Ref: Niamh Donaghy