BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting (Full-time) - 2018 Entry

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Reasons to study Fine Art Painting

  • Access to generously sized, individual studio space for the duration of your degree. All students have their own studio space, it is not shared.
  • One of only a few degree courses of its type in the country, allowing you to study painting as a specialist practice from day one of your study.
  • Direct access to accomplished lecturers who are active researchers and have exhibited both nationally and internationally.
UCAS Code: W120
Institution Code: S51
Start/End Date: September 2018 - June 2021
Duration: 3 years full-time
Campus: Town Centre Campus
Course Contact: Wayne Robinson
01744 623253
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University of Chester

The BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting degree at University Centre St Helens is one of only a few degree courses in the country of its type, allowing you to study painting as a specialist practice from day one of your study.

Over the three years of the course, students have the opportunity to develop an individual, deep understanding of established painting principles, to innovate, experiment and acquire confidence with a wide range of creative, technical, philosophical and aesthetic processes within fine art painting.

Upon graduation you will have a robust and critical understanding of the contemporary environment in which you will practice. The fine art painting degree is designed to establish you with a real sense of academic and practical expertise.

Course in-depth

What will I study?

Year 1

A well-balanced, progressive and sequential learning path dominates the first year. Students are actively encouraged in their pursuit of learning for its own sake, learning through traditional methods, as well as computing and digital technology. You will develop your confidence and competence in academic study, particularly through the development of oral presentation skills, which will in turn highlight the importance of presenting yourself and your work. This systematic approach of applying general principles and basic knowledge lays the foundation for the following subsequent years of academic study, striving to develop the attitudes and skills needed to comprehend and evaluate your intellectual growth.

You will be provided with the opportunity to discover and establish a personal painting language as well as being introduced to a variety of mark making and life drawing processes to help start your exploration of the figure and self-directed themes through the practice of drawing.

Year 2

Whilst the intuitive, creative and problem solving aspects of fine art education are being embraced, the methodologies of good painting practice are progressively developed in your second year. You will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to define and research a historical context through an extended essay, while preparing a written abstract in preparation for the dissertation in your final year.

You will gain an in-depth, personal knowledge of the subject of painting and the development of a highly personal, creative identity. You will understand the need to establish a safe working environment and working practices while considering the realities of professional practice through live project work in the form of a mural project and an end of module exhibition in a public gallery. You will establish, underpin and encourage the transition to independent learning.

Year 3

In the third year, you are expected to be critically selfaware and allow opportunities to empower and employ your academic, innovative, creative, practical and technical abilities. All third year modules promote the transition to independent learning. This process is further enhanced by tutorials, which support you in extending the boundaries of your knowledge and developing a rigorous, independent attitude to your work, culminating in a holistic appreciation of the global contexts for fine art painting. All of these modules require you to extend your intellectual and problem solving capabilities and draw upon skills to research, develop and experiment with propositions and solutions with a developing confidence and ability.

How will I study?

Learning will be through lectures, teaching workshops, seminars, group critiques, self-direct learning, peer group learning, written work, presentations, group work, library, and gallery study.

You also have open access to generously sized studio spaces for you to work and study from throughout the three years of the degree.

The Creative Arts department is friendly and approachable and of a size that enables us to know our students personally and be able to respond to their needs.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is carried out throughout the three years via both formative and summative assessments through essays, written reports, practical work, oral presentations, journals, sketchbooks, logbooks, live projects (mural and exhibition) and computer based work form the basis of your assessable coursework. Work is also reviewed through seminars, group critiques and academic tutorials.

A final year show in the third year will allow you to display your work to a wider audience, including influential industry advocates.

Who will be teaching me?

You will be taught by accomplished lecturers, who practice across a range of fine art painting contexts with extensive, professional experience in the production, marketing and exhibiting of their work in regional, national and international galleries.

Ref: Wayne Robinson

What the lecturers say...

Wayne Robinson

"The course offers a unique opportunity to develop an individual, deep understanding of established painting principles, to innovate, experiment and acquire confidence with a wide range of creative, technical, philosophical and aesthetic processes."

Wayne Robinson
Programme Leader

Heart of Glass
The Heart of Glass works in partnership with University Centre St Helens to offer a rich, vibrant, quality experience for students. The partnership as provided a high quality arts space, volunteering and work experience opportunities, live projects and guest lectures and tutorials from commissioned artists, producers and curators.

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