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Wednesday 5th July 2017 - Saturday 30th September 2017

Being Clear about Clearing

The clearing hotline for University Centre St Helens is open now
call 0800 027 1221

Clearing is a match-making service - matching up students who haven't got places, with universities who have spaces.

Clearing helps students who have applied late, not applied at all, missed their place, or even just changed their minds about where they want to go and what they want to do.

The night before A level results day

  • Get an early night; you need to wake up refreshed.
  • Dig out all your UCAS and university correspondence.
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged.
  • Get together a pen, notepad and calculator.
  • Have a copy of your personal statement and reference.

On Results Day
If you find yourself in Clearing it can feel like it's the end of the world, but all is not lost.

Don't panic! You may feel like you have no-where to turn, but you do. By remaining calm and doing some research you can be back on track for uni life in no time.

Check your UCAS Track, to confirm that you are in Clearing and get your Clearing number – you'll need this so keep it handy. If you haven't applied through UCAS at all, don't worry. When you call the Clearing hotline at University Centre St Helens we will take your details and apply to UCAS for you. We'll even pay the UCAS fee!

Do your research. Check the UCAS website, university & college websites and newspapers to find out which courses are in Clearing. Then look up courses you like in more detail. All of the courses that University Centre St Helens still have availability on can be found on www.sthelens.ac.uk/clearing

List the courses you are interested in, in order of preference, then it's time to make some calls!

The Phone Calls
You must contact the colleges & universities directly. Don't let your mum/dad/carer make the calls! The admissions tutors need to speak to you - they can only make an offer to the candidate.

Be enthusiastic. This course may not be your first choice, but there is still competition for places so show the admissions tutor you are keen.

Decision time
You can speak to as many colleges & universities as you like, but you can only enter one Clearing choice at a time on UCAS Track. Don't enter anything until a college or university has verbally offered you a place. The college or university will then accept your Clearing application – and you're done! A new and exciting chapter of your life is about to begin.

The clearing hotline for University Centre St Helens is open now
call 0800 027 1221