Frodo, Merry and PippinFrodo, Merry and Pippin

Our Animal Management students undertook a hatching project and recently welcomed new Pekin chicken hatchlings - Pippin, Merry and Frodo. Mum is our own rescue chicken, Doris.

This arrival brings our total chicken numbers up to twelve. However, once they are settled and the staff are happy with their development, the three chicks will be heading to their new home.

This project was undertaken on behalf of an avid poultry owner who wishes to extend his collection of Pekin and Silkie breeds. Our students learnt about the importance of responsible breeding and welfare issues as part of the project. All of these hatchlings will be cared for regardless of their gender. Their new home is part of a small holding and they will live there as free ranging pets.

Tutor, Lyndsey Cooper said, “Some hatching projects that are undertaken by schools and other organisations are an ongoing animal welfare concern as male hatchlings cannot be rehomed. Our Animal Management Department are wholly committed to animal welfare. We don’t support the breeding of animals that could potentially be classed as ‘surplus’, and therefore culled.”

Lyndsey Cooper
Our tutor Lyndsey with Doris

The majority of chickens at St Helens College are rescued and have been re-homed from the egg industry via Lucky Hens Rescue or from owners whom can no longer offer care for them. We plan to rehome more chickens from Lucky Hen Rescue at their next rescue date in August. We educate our students on welfare issues of irresponsible breeding, and encourage them to adopt not shop, with all animals.

If you would like more information about Lucky Hens Rescue, visit:


Knowsley Safari Park
Pets at home
Merseyside Dogs Home

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