Welcome to University Centre St Helens.

University Centre St Helens as part of St Helens College are proud to offer its students the opportunity to gain a first-class higher education within a personalised learning environment. We have a vast range of courses, from flexible and distance learning courses, to HNCs and HNDs, to full and part-time undergraduate degrees and business and professional courses, University Centre St Helens allows you to tailor your academic development to suit your goals and needs.

University Centre St Helens is founded on an educational heritage, tracing back over 125 years. Located in the heart of the Northwest, University Centre St Helens can be found in the Grade II listed building, which was once home to the Beechams Headquarters office. And located just 20-30 minutes away from both Manchester and Liverpool, the town offers strong transport links, so wherever you're coming from, getting here will be easy!

Staying local to study for you degree is ideal if you are looking to continue your education in order to progress in your career. With lower tuition fees at University Centre St Helens, you can avoid running up large amounts of debt through accommodation and living costs that can come with relocating to university.

At University Centre St Helens, you will have access to great lecturers who are true academics, active in research whilst also experienced in the world of work, providing them with extensive industry networks. You will have access to the newly refurbished Town Centre library, which will feature the Uni Hub, a space dedicated for University Centre St Helens students.

This historically rich setting provides the perfect backdrop for the diverse mix of students found at University Centre St Helens. Our small and friendly campus also allows students to really get to know one another and their lecturers too.