Picture of Jet 2 Alumni Our Travel and Tourism department welcomed three successful Cabin Crew alumni back onto campus last week for this year’s visitor economy week. Hannah Price, Leah Winstanley and Faye Harnick, who, upon completion of their course at St Helens College have progressed into careers with established airline Jet2.com.

They took the opportunity to share their own experiences, inside industry knowledge, personal journey and industry tips with current, aspiring Cabin Crew students. As well as answering all-important questions from those who wish to follow in their footsteps.

After completing the Cabin Crew Diploma at St Helens College, all three students went on to immediately secure their places at Jet2.com, as cabin crew, with the help from experienced Programme Leader, Richard King.

Richard helps students throughout the entire process. From finding the job adverts, to application, to preparing them for interviews and then starting on the airlines training course. Speaking to Richard, he explained “I can't help but get involved, it's the whole point of a course like this, to give students the highest opportunity of getting employed as cabin crew. It's a key part of my job, I loved flying and still think it is one of the best careers you can ever have!”

Alumni, Leah Winstanley, spoke about her journey to St Helens College and how she discovered her love for travel, saying: “I always wanted to do hairdressing before I got into travel. I left a full-time job to do this course which was a huge risk for me, but was totally worth it. Looking back now it’s the best thing I ever did.”

“Life as Cabin Crew can be tough though, training itself is a challenge. I was expected to memorise the manual from start to finish before my first flight. However, once you finish the training, it’s so worthwhile and rewarding. It’s not like a normal job where every day is the same, you come in and you’re given a different working environment every day.”

On the Air Cabin Crew course at St Helens College students are prepped and trained for a life in industry. Our alumni advised students what to expect from the course, as well as revealing the less glamorous demands of the industry.

Richard King, Programme Leader, explained “The Air Cabin Crew course is an industry specific course, meaning everything is centred around a career as cabin crew and how to succeed. As much as we do our best to give students the best advantage, they also need a driving passion and fire to get ahead in the industry, it is essentially down to them as an individual to shine. Right from the start I knew when I met these three girls in the first week, they were going places.”

Alumni, Hannah Price, advised students: “Do it because you want to do it, not because you want a job. You need to put your full heart in to it, and it’ll honestly be the best think you’ve ever done. Once you’ve been in the industry like us you soon realise how relevant and fantastic the training is at St Helens College and how good Richard and the travel tutors are at preparing you for life in the industry.”

If you are interested in studying a Travel and Tourism course at St Helens College, apply online or call us on 0800 99 66 99 for more information.

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