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Kate is one of many adults who attends a part-time course at St Helens College. Currently a Primary School Teacher, Kate wanted a part-time course that could fit around her busy schedule. Having always had a passion for floristry, she wanted to gain a formal qualification in an area she has always enjoyed as a hobby, so embarked on the level 2 Certificate in Floristry.

Kate said, “I’ve always been interested in floristry and have enjoyed supplying floral arrangements to my friends and family on special occasions. By choosing to study a floristry qualification I knew it would give me a solid foundation of the basic knowledge and skills needed to take my designs further.”

Kate was worried how she would find the time to juggle her busy job with advancing her hobby. Kate said “I wasn’t sure how I would find the time to balance my job with learning new skills. The course is planned and coordinated very well. I really look forward to coming into College and furthering my skills.”

Kate adds, “When people think of floristry they don’t think of the technical skill that goes into arrangements. The course has given me the skills I need to enhance my designs and I’ve decided to progress on to the next level of the course.”

Hoping to inspire others to invest their time in a creative hobby such as floristry, Kate said, “I would recommend this course to anybody. It is a great chance to learn with like-minded people, I have met so many great people at St Helens College. It’s surprising how quickly you progress and your work improves.”

For further information about the Floristry courses we have on offer, visit our Floristry section. Alternatively, visit one of our upcoming Adult Enrolment and Information Events.