Our level 2 Cabin Crew students soared across the sky recently with established airline, Jet2.com. This amazing opportunity enabled students to travel to Tenerife as part of a familiarisation flight, which was afforded to our students due to our fantastic employer links and industry relationships.

Before the flight, the students were taken behind the scenes at Manchester Airport to the Jet2.com crew room, where they were given a pre-flight briefing from the Safety Training Manager.

During the flight, the students observed and assisted cabin crew, including participating with onboard services, and preparing passengers for disembarking once reaching Tenerife.

Travel and Tourism Tutor, and former Jet2.com Cabin Crew Trainer, Richard King, was available to give the students a full tour and demonstration of the cabin crew galley, showing them the correct procedures and equipment expected on any aircraft.

He explained, “Experiences like these are invaluable for our students. They all did so well during the familiarisation flight, and demonstrated the many skills they’ve learnt on the course. This opportunity really does set them up for a career in the sky - there is no better way to learn.”

Once in Tenerife, the students spent a few days exploring the sights and experiencing what life would be like as operating Cabin Crew in between layovers.

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An adventure with jet2.com

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