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Our tutor Dave, with his friend.Our Health and Social Care Lecturer, Dave, took on the challenge of a lifetime last weekend, which saw him and friend, Paul, face the daunting London to Brighton Ultra Marathon, where the pair attempted to run 100k in just one day in a bid to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and The Alzheimer’s Society – two causes close to their hearts.

After a gruelling few months of rigorous training, waking up at 6am to train in all weather conditions, the pair worked hard to build their strength and stamina in preparation for the big day.

On the day of the race, the pair were faced with battling terrain that surpassed their expectations. From monster hills, crazy trails, narrow paths overgrown with nettles either side, gravel, to thick forests, and if this wasn’t hard enough, the pair ran in daylight and pitch black conditions, whilst navigating their way through unknown areas in order to stay on course and meet their race check points.

Waiting in the wings at the race check points along the way were Dave’s family, who were on hand to offer moral support and encouragement when the pair were at their lowest.

Despite their best efforts and after being on their feet for an exhausting 18-hours, the pair were drained both mentally and physically, and made the decision at 1:30am to retire at the 80km mark, due to injury. With an inflamed hip, Dave had managed to hobble from 67km-80km, but was in too much pain to continue, along with Dave’s double blisters.

Despite not achieving their ultimate target of 100k in one day, Dave and Paul managed to run a triumphant distance that matched not one, but two marathons, all achieved in horrendous conditions. The pair also raised an overwhelming amount of money for two amazing charities, which went above and beyond their fundraising targets!

Speaking to Dave about his experience, he commented: “We were devastated to have to retire at 80km, we’d made it such a long way but the pain was too much to bare. We may not have completed it, but to put ourselves through 18 hours of the toughest conditions is a great personal achievement for us, and is an experience we’ll never forget. The donations and support we’ve received has blown us away. It certainly kept us going throughout it all. The donations will benefit two amazing charities, which makes all the hard work worth it.”

We are extremely proud of Dave and his achievement, one which he should be extremely proud of!

Our tutor Dave


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