At St Helens College everybody is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where all students feel safe and receive effective pastoral and safeguarding care, guidance and support.

We share the belief that safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility. We have a dedicated safeguarding team that promotes awareness of safeguarding issues and is always available to provide support to students, their families and college staff.

In partnership, we to aim continually improve services to children, young people and vulnerable adults, and support our staff in the effective management of the welfare and safety of these students.

St Helens College aims to:

  • Ensure that every individual is respected and valued;
  • Provide an enjoyable, safe, supportive and caring environment, building confidence and providing excellent skills development for life and work;
  • Provide a supportive culture.

We proudly advocate high quality care and support for all of our students as we strive to offer the very best education and training. We recognise the importance of integrated safeguarding and support services as part of the student experience to enable students to achieve positive outcomes.

In line with statutory safeguarding guidance, St Helens College has a designated safeguarding team with responsibility for safeguarding across College and work together to provide effective safeguarding and pastoral interventions, care, guidance and support.

To contact a member of the safeguarding team please call 07814667808.

SafeguardingPolicy Thumb  Safeguarding Children Policy
Safeguarding Policy Safeguarding Children Policy