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Our animal management students had a fantastic time at popular Lake District attraction, Predator Experience, where they had the opportunity to meet two, third generation wolves, two resident foxes, a Harris Hawk, an Eagle Owl and a Golden Eagle.

The incredible experience, founded by Daniel Ashman and Dee Ashman, forms part of the students’ animal behaviour unit, exploring group structure in wild wolf packs, the behaviour, anatomy and physiology of birds of prey, and specific handling techniques.

Animal management student, Jordan Corr, said, “The Predator Experience was absolutely incredible. I learned so much about how wolves live in groups and the behaviours they show. We also had the chance to fly a Harris Hawk and an Eagle Owl and hold a Golden Eagle which was beautiful and quite heavy, which I didn’t expect! I really enjoyed the experience and I’m grateful to the animal management tutors for making it possible.”

Predator Experience