University Centre St Helens provides rich and extensive provision in the discipline of social science. You will be immersed in the study of society and you will be provided with the intellectual environment in which to discuss the influences that shape and mould macro and micro societies. You will also gain a thorough understanding of the long enforced laws of your country and discover how new policies are put in place.

Located at the heart of the town centre, within the long standing headquarters of international pharmaceutical company, The Beecham Group, University Centre St Helens provides a traditional setting for gaining the academic knowledge needed to pursue a career within a number of specialised and competitive fields.

Boasting excellent academic success, University Centre St Helens will focus on developing your existing skills and knowledge further, through its flexible and rich curriculum. Our experienced and professional lecturers each have a contemporary and thorough understanding of their discipline area, offering excellent support and guidance to you throughout your degree.