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Picture of our student ChelsieChelsie is breaking new ground as the first female apprentice at Tyrrell Electrical, setting a precedent for other young women to follow in her footsteps.

18-year-old, Chelsie, first enrolled onto the Level 2 Electrical Installation course at St Helens College when an opportunity presented itself with employer, Tyrrell Electrical, just 2 weeks into her course. Chelsie was recommended for the position and was offered an interview by Tyrrell’s Managing Director, Jamie. Chelsie was successful at securing the position and was quickly transferred onto her apprenticeship and now completes her off the job study at our IAMTech Campus one day per week.

Speaking to Managing Director, Jamie, we asked what it was that stood out about Chelsie during the application and interview process, he said:

Firstly, she impressed me straight away by being 20 minutes early, especially after having to get two buses to the interview, but what stood out for me during the interview, was her obvious desire to get into the industry, and her willingness to make every effort to succeed.

Chelsie's love for the industry was sparked during her time at school, when she chose to study Design Technology as one of her options, thriving in a practical learning environment. Even with an exceptional academic background, boasting GCSE grades of 6-9, she decided to break away from the conventional A Level route, carving her own path.

Speaking about her decision, Chelsie said:

Because of my GCSE grades, I was originally recommended towards A Levels or T Levels. I decided to stand firm with my decision and pursue an apprenticeship. I don’t regret my decision at all, even being the only female apprentice on my course and within the company, I never let that put me off.

So far, the former Saints Peter and Paul High School pupil has been making remarkable progress and has already gained essential skills for her career. Chelsie said:

Working on the job as well as studying at College gives me more experience and knowledge of what to expect within the industry. I feel like I have already learnt so much and enjoy working with real clients on such big contracts.

Commenting on Chelsie’s progress so far, Managing Director Jamie said:

She has already made a terrific start to her career and I would encourage her to keep doing what she is doing, she has certainly made a positive impact within the company.

Chelsie's dedication and determination is evident, already earning her "Employee of the Month" and her tutor's endorsement for the upcoming "Female Spark of the Year" competition, which will be hosted at York College in March.

Commenting on her progress, tutor Nathan, said:

In the short time that Chelsie has spent with us, I know she is going to go far. She is keen and eager to learn, she is very efficient and always produces quality work. At one point we had to tell her to slow down as she was searing ahead.

Looking to the future, Chelsie hopes to complete her apprenticeship and continue learning from people who are experienced in the industry.

She added,

My career goal is to start my own company working on similar projects to what I do now. Once I complete my apprenticeship, I am considering progressing onto university. I want to gain as many skills and as much knowledge as possible.

Tyrrell Electricals’ partnership with St Helens and Knowsley Community College over the past 5 years has been incredibly impactful, bringing onboard over 15 apprentices, many of whom have gone on to supervisory and managerial roles within the company, reflecting the successful partnership and the quality of the training provided.

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