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Develop your creativity in our very own floristry shop, The Flower Studio, designing intricate arrangements for paying customers, exploring floral designs for special occasions and maintaining the condition of plants and plant designs.

Whether you have a passion for floristry, a creative eye or an ambition to kick-start a new hobby, St Helens College will support you in achieving your goals. 

You will benefit

You will be immersed in the world of floristry as you develop the skills needed to become a part of an industry that is not only present at life’s most sentimental moments but generates £1.5bn yearly.

You will succeed

Our expert tutors have held successful careers in the industry and are very passionate about sharing their knowledge and employer links with you to ensure that you have the necessary experience and skills to launch your career.

With this, you will have the opportunity to work with local employers and industry specialists, gaining insight and experience of working in this diverse and exciting industry. Many of our students have secured employment within event management, floral design or have become self-employed.

You will stand out 

To help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs or further qualifications, you will be encouraged to compete and showcase your floral designs in exclusive competitions across the country, such as the prestigious Southport Flower Show.  

However, our courses are not just about helping you to gain your qualification, you will have the opportunity to build new network links, gain work experience with local businesses, build friendships, lifelong skills and relevant knowledge.


Florist Manager - £20k - £25k+, Interior Designer - £15k - £45k+Events Manager - £20k - £40k+, Visual Merchandiser - £14k - £25k+, Wedding Planner - £15k - £25k+, Florist Business Owner - £15k - £30k+
*Salary data collected from various sources

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