Level 1 Open Awards Certificate/Diploma in Retail Skills (SFLE)

This course is designed to provide important knowledge and understanding of working in a retail environment.

You will have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate personal qualitites and skills which are eseentail to successful employment within retail. The course includes the opportunity to completed a work placement and work towards a recognised English and maths qualification.

When will I start the course and how long will it take?

The course will start in September and will take one year to complete.

What will I study?

During this course, you will study a variety of topics while developing your own social, time management and employability skills. You will also have the opportunity to complete a work-based placement.

The course aims to:

  • Help you to identify personal strengths for progression to further learning and/or employment.
  • Provide opportunities in learning which enable you to realise your potential.
  • Enable you to develop your literacy and/or numeracy skills.
  • Allow you to gain knowledge in a vocational subject area which will aid further learning and career progression decisions.
  • Help you to develop essential career, social and personal development skills.
  • Provide learning opportunities which are stimulating and engaging.

Benefits to you:

  • The Certificate and Diploma enable increased flexibility.
  • You will achieve a nationally recognised qualification.
  • You will develop career, social and personal development skills.
  • Units are achieved over a period of time.
  • A wide range of assessment methods to suit your needs.
  • You will benefit from a work-based placement to gain valuable experience in a realistic environment.

How is it assessed?

You will be assessed throughout the year through a combination of observations and portfolio building. Maths and English will include some formal examinations.

Do I need any previous qualifications to start this course?

You will need to have successfully completed an entry level 3 course and/or be able to demonstrate the ability to work at level 1.

What are the course fees?

If you are a school leaver, aged 16-18, (under the age of 19 on or before 31st August 2020), you do not pay tuition fees or examination and registration fees and may be eligible for additional support depending on your financial situation. For more information, please visit our dedicated financial support page.

What can I go on to do once I have completed this course?

This course could lead to further study within education or enable you to apply for available jobs in the retail sector.

You will now have an overall understanding of the retail sector and the opportunity to progress on to voluntary and/or paid work.

Ref: Alison Haddock / Paula Butler