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BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance students have been hard at work on their short film production, “Running on Fumes,” in conjunction with local arts organisation, Heart of Glass.

Their efforts culminated in  an exclusive premiere of the production at St Helens’ Lucem House Community Cinema, which was attended by the students, University Centre St Helens staff, local residents and businesses alike.

Following an introductory speech from Heart of Glass filmmaker Caroline Smith, the film was displayed in full on the silver screen, which was met with applause and compliments from the captivated audience.

After the premiere, those in attendance discussed the film and its powerful message, including highlighting the importance of community action and collaboration for positive change.

We are immensely proud of our students for their hard work on this project, and we hope this film sparks conversations and provokes thought on the ways we can all work together to build upon the character of St Helens Town Centre and create a positive atmosphere for all residents.

You can view the film yourself below!


Students stand in front of film screen ahead of the premiere of "Running on Fumes."