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Essential Information for Students

Picture of our Principal, Simon PierceWelcome by Simon Pierce, Principal & Chief Executive

We are so pleased to be welcoming all our students back on campus from early September and getting back to normal campus life!

Our priority will be keeping you safe, and looking after your mental and physical wellbeing as we get back to teaching and learning in the classroom.

The below information is intended to inform and support students in understanding the new processes and systems we have put in place to keep you safe.

As you would expect, we have been following Government guidance very closely and have applied social distancing and increased hygiene measures. Our ‘Keeping You Safe’ guide contains additional details including advice and information on different ways of accessing learning and working.

We are confident you will feel reassured with the measures and arrangements we have put in place, but we welcome the opportunity to receive feedback on any issue that may be causing you concern, so please feel free to get in touch and share your thoughts.

Simon's Signature

Information for our Students

This information provides you with all the details of our reopening preparations and what you can expect to see on campus, and what your day-to-day experience will be.

We hope this information will reassure you and alleviate any concerns you may have about returning to study on campus.

We have followed Government guidance and best practice to produce a COVID-19 risk assessment to enable a safe return to all our campuses.

If Government advice changes as we enter the winter season, we have contingency plans in place. Our plans need to be flexible and are subject to change. If there are any new developments, the College may need to implement these plans quickly; that may mean having to reduce the number of students on campus at any one time and switching to a more online learning model. We will communicate any changes as quickly as possible, and your tutors will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have should we need to do this.

Keeping You Safe

Measures we have put in place to protect you

Our Keeping You Safe at College guide details all the measures we have put in place to keep you safe.

Keeping You Safe At College Thumb
Click/tap here to view the guide

To limit the volume of students entering the College buildings at the same time, we are staggering some class start and finish times. This will help with the following:

  • Help to reduce the volumes of students using the canteen facilities at break and lunchtimes
  • Help to reduce the pressure on public transport at peak times
  • Help with reducing the number of students in corridors and on stairs at the same time

We have created bubbles and zones within the College to limit movement around the building, and to reduce the number of people you will come into contact with. You will be informed of your bubble and zone along with which entrance to use on your first day.

We have opened up all possible entrances, to avoid students coming in through the same door.

Icon representing someone wearing a mask coveringWearing Face Coverings

We have made the wearing of face coverings mandatory in all public spaces for both students and staff, (unless exempt under Government guidelines), and you are welcome to wear a face covering in the classroom if you wish.

As the wearing of face coverings is mandatory in social, public areas, we will be providing all students with a reusable face mask.

Some of our staff may choose to wear a face covering while in the classroom, so we have provided them with clear face visors to support effective communication.

The use of a face covering by itself does not protect the person wearing it from anyone who may have COVID-19, so we encourage good personal hygiene practices in addition to this. Where you are using a face mask, it should be worn for short periods only and replaced regularly; prolonged use can cause skin soreness.

Students should bring and use their own face coverings, and they must be used in the following areas:

  • Travelling to College on public transport
  • When entering the building and in social areas such as corridors and breakout spaces
  • Whilst waiting for food in the refectories and Starbucks
  • In the learning resource centres and library

What We Ask of You

  • When you arrive on campus, please use the hand sanitisers that we have stationed at all entrances and other locations throughout the campus.
  • Please wash your hands often throughout the day, and especially before and after eating.
  • Please follow the directional signage, and keep to your zones, using the appropriate entrances, exits and stairwells.
  • Please avoid using lifts so they are available for people with mobility requirements. If you do need to use the lift, it is limited to a maximum of one person at one time.
  • Please pay attention to the markings on the floor, and other signage on the walls - these have been put in place to reinforce social distancing and to reduce congestion.
  • Please always respect the 2m social distancing rules when you are on campus.

Picture of our tutor teaching.

During Lessons

  • Please only attend College on the days you have lessons or pre-booked slots in the library.  This is to ensure that we can effectively manage social distancing.
  • Please ensure that you arrive on time, and leave the campus promptly.
  • Your tutors have completed a full risk assessment of the activities you will be asked to do so you can do them safely.
  • You should remain at the same desk for the duration of the session, keeping personal possessions, coats and bags near you.
  • Please bring your own pencils, pens, rulers and other learning equipment with you wherever possible.

Canteen Facilities

Our food outlets will be open, but options will be limited for the first few weeks of term.

We will be offering a hot food option and a selection of grab and go choices, including salads, sandwiches and baked potatoes. We will also cater to all dietary needs.

We will be open early serving breakfast options too!

Wellbeing at College Icon

Managing and Reporting COVID-19 Symptoms

If you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 (a new, continuous cough, high temperature or loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell), we will send you home immediately to self-isolate, in line with Government guidance.

If a student is vulnerable and requires personal care or supervision, we will support you until you can travel home safely.

All cases of COVID-19 symptoms while on campus, or having recently been on campus, must be reported to your Tutor immediately.

If a case is reported, every effort will be made to identify staff, students, areas and facilities that the affected individual has been in contact with. We will then take appropriate action to inform staff and students and deep clean areas as necessary.

We encourage staff and students experiencing symptoms to access NHS testing facilities via the NHS website. Please let us know if you are being tested and report the outcome to your tutor or line manager.

Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team

We understand that you may be feeling worried and anxious at this time, but our Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team is available to offer you support and guidance.

Please speak to your Personal Tutor, or a member of the Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team if you have any concerns.

Finally, we are all responsible for ensuring our campuses and learning spaces are safe and we need your help to achieve this. We kindly ask that you also take responsibility for our campuses and the spaces you work in.

If you see something that does not look right, or the measures that have been put in place are not working for you, please tell us and report it to your tutor, or a member of Student Services.

We look forward to welcoming all our students back this September!