DanielleDegree: FdSc Exercise, Health and Fitness

Fitness enthusiast and current Healthcare Assistant, Dannielle, originally had plans to pursue a nursing career, however, after a serious illness in 2016, this led to her rediscovering her love of fitness.

Hoping to pursue a career that would allow her to help others, Dannielle began exploring options that would combine this aspiration with her passion for sport, which is when she discovered the FdSc Exercise, Health and Fitness at University Centre St Helens.

After applying to study the degree, Dannielle was unsure whether she met the entry criteria due to not having completed her A levels, however, she was delighted to learn that her extensive work experience and related skills from the workplace, were sufficient for entry on to the two-year programme.

Crediting the format of the timetable with allowing her to balance full-time study, with caring for her family and employment commitments at Whiston Hospital, Dannielle said, “I joined the degree in September 2018 and I have already experienced so much, such as meeting a group of people who are like minded and share the same passion, completing presentations and assignments that I previously never imagined I’d be able to do, along with gaining more confidence and self-belief.”

She added, “The support that I have received from the lecturing team has been amazing. I’ve had moments where I have thought this is too much for me but the lecturers have stepped in, offered me extra support and have encouraged me to keep going.”

Due to studying in smaller class sizes, Dannielle believes this facilitates “incredible levels of student support”, which she feels that she “would not have received studying at a much larger university, simply because the lecturers have so many students to deal with”.

With plans to progress on to the BA (Hons) Physical Activity and Health at University of Chester, once she has successfully completed her degree, Dannielle hopes to have a successful career in exercise physiology, specialising in cardiac rehabilitation.