Attract and retain talent, and build a highly skilled and loyal workforce. Hire an apprentice with St Helens College.

Apprenticeships combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge. They’re a combination of on the job training combined with assessment in the workplace and college-based learning. Apprenticeships can be tailored to your organisation, ensuring the course is specific to your businesses needs.

Offering apprenticeships within your business can deliver new skills, revitalise teams and give a sense to all employees of a business making an investment in its people.

St Helens College’s Business Development Executives are on hand to help you at every stage of your apprenticeship programme. So whether you want to teach a young person the basics of the job or wish to upskill a member of the team, apprenticeships could be the answer.

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Upskill or Recruit

If you have a skills gap in your business, you are probably wondering if you should hire new talent or upskill current staff. Here is a quick overview of both of these options:


You can upskill your existing employees with an apprenticeship. As apprenticeships are available to people of all ages and are offered at a range of levels, from intermediate to degree level, you can develop staff at all levels within your organisation.

You will be able to develop home-grown talent and invest and motivate existing staff and improve their career prospects.

Remember if you are paying the Apprenticeship Levy you can use your levy pot to upskill your existing staff.


Taking on an apprentice can be a great way to help your business fill a skills gap and give you the opportunity to shape an apprentice's learning and development in line with your company’s practices and procedures so they learn to work the way you do. It's a cost effective recruitment method and you can futureproof your business by employing young, enthusiastic apprentices keen to get a start on the career ladder.

With our free recruitment service we can support you in finding the right candidate, please see below for more details.