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Our Cabin Crew students got a taste of life in the skies with one of the largest airlines in the UK,, working on a real commercial flight alongside Jet2 Cabin Crew, during a familiarisation flight to Tenerife - an opportunity unique of its kind and made available to our students through the College’s strong industry connections!

Ahead of their flight, the students received on-board training from Jet2’s Senior Crew Member, Jasmine, who was a former St Helens College student, having completed the Cabin Crew course herself in 2015. Jasmine briefed them about customer service, serving passengers and safety procedures.

During the flight, the students got the exclusive opportunity to work alongside and observe Jet2’s experienced Cabin Crew, assisting the team with in-flight duties, serving passengers, and were shown around the staff galley, seeing first-hand the equipment they’ll be working with once they start their careers.

Cabin Crew tutor Rik said “The familiarisation flight experience is an amazing opportunity for our students. Not many students get the opportunity to network and observe a Cabin Crew team in action onboard a real flight. Seeing first-hand what they’ve been learning in the classroom, being put into action, really helps to link the classroom to career. It also gives them more confidence when they start their careers, as they have that extra knowledge and experience, so that they don’t feel so “new” on their first day and have already met people they could be working with!”

We caught up with Cabin Crew student Millie, who told us “The familiarisation flight was a great experience and has definitely made me feel a lot more confident about using these skills when I start my career! I enjoyed taking part in lots of different services on the flight like assisting with the vouchers and scratch cards, and also got shown around the galleys! It was a chance for me to put the customer service skills I’d learnt and practiced onboard our mock air-craft cabin into action.”

A big thank you to for this amazing experience for our students!

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Cabin Crew Familiarisation Flight 2022