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LifeSkills - Wider Community and Opportunities Pathway

This pathway provides students with the opportunity to develop their independent living skills alongside a variety of community-based opportunities.

Students will be supported to develop successful independent living skills through accessing support from the local authority and charities, employment activities, managing and maintaining their health and engaging socially within their community.

Each student will have a personal tutor with specialist SEND knowledge who is responsible for all aspects of their study programme and will support them to make progress towards outcomes through an individualised approach.

The Pathway is delivered over one academic year, and will follow a personalised programme of study to support their EHCP outcomes and their end goals.

The pathway intentions are for students to:

  • Develop skills and experiences in preparing to live a more independent life with focus on the Preparation for Adulthood Outcomes.
  • Consider employment options including community work, volunteering and paid work
  • Undertake voluntary work experience as part of a group or individually with support.
  • Feel safe and confident accessing the local community

Transition Route

Transition will be determined annually through the EHCP Annual Review process, reflecting the individual students progress made within the academic year, level achieved and college attendance. Progress routes could include further education or transition to a none-educational destination.

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