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Our Animal Management team has welcomed lots of new residents to the unit over the break!

We have rehomed a group of Jungle Nymphs from Knowsley Safari Park’s Education Department, a Razor-backed Musk Turtle named Shredder, and a 6ft Python named Dan.

The unit also welcomed four adorable baby ferrets earlier in the summer. The ferrets are babies of a previous student’s Auntie’s pet. Their names are Jenny, Millie, Pat and Molly and they are now six months old.

Some other animals that have joined the family over the break include:

  • Two Boer Goats named Ernie and Alan
  • Three baby Red Eyed Tree Frogs
  • 6 ducks
  • 4 rescue chickens
  • A rat
  • 4 new rabbits
  • A baby snake

College welcomes more than 20 new animals

Want to work alongside these new animals next September? Come along to our Open Event on Thursday 7th October, 5.00pm - 7.00pm, to find out more.