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Renowned aerial performer and former St Helens College student, Wendy Hesketh-Ogilvie, showcased her stunning performance, ‘As The World Tipped’ in St Helens Town Centre  as part of the Borough of Culture celebrations.

Artistic Director, Wendy, from Rainford, studied A Level dance at the College in 1990 and has since achieved international success working alongside famous artists and performers such as Pink, Lady Gaga and Diversity!

After completing her dance course at the College, Wendy didn’t feel ready to pursue a career as a performer despite her love for dance, instead she went on to university to study a Teaching degree in PE and maths.

It was during a major in dance that her lecturer encouraged her to pursue her true talent. She later got into the London Contemporary Dance School and that's when her dream career began to take form.

She auditioned for Argentinian circus and theatre company, De LA Guarda and was one of three successful auditionees our of 1800 hopefuls, now travelling the world as a performer.

This is where she met her partner Jamie, who was head of rigging for the company, ensuring the safety of the performers.

The pair later went on to form their own company, ‘Wired Aerial Theatre’, in 1999 to showcase the talents they had perfected during their time with De LA Guarda, passing on their renowned bungee-assisted dance techniques to educate and collaborate with numerous individuals, dancers, musicians and performers.

Some of their recent achievements include working alongside Edge Hill University and LIPA in Liverpool to create and implement Ariel Performance modules.

The show has travelled around the world performing to audiences across various cities in France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Chile, and South Korea and has now made its way to Wendy’s hometown, St Helens.

'As The World Tipped' is one of the biggest and most exciting large-scale outdoor shows to be produced by a UK company. Featuring a captivating blend of dramatic film, visuals, and an impressive aerial display to tell a compelling story about an ecological crisis.

Image from our performance