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Riverdale Global

Apprentices support the growth of a global business

Apprentices are invaluable to us – they have enabled us to grow our business to meet the needs of our customers. With being a small company and requiring a workforce with a unique set of skills and knowledge to run efficiently, it made sense to employ apprentices who are able to learn on-the-job from the outset, enabling us to tailor their experience from day one.

Our relationship with St Helens College has grown considerably over the last three years. They provide effective recruitment services, from advertising our apprenticeship vacancies to facilitating the recruitment and selection process, which lessens the impact of the time and resource it would take to do this ourselves. The College also helped us to identify the right route of training for our apprentices based on the unique nature of our business.

John Goulbourn

Satellite Manager


Future-Proofing Workforce Through Apprenticeships

St Helens College assisted HMS in running an apprenticeship recruitment programme for 8 apprenticeship vacancies in various construction trades. We received over 800 applicants, which the College sorted through, to help identify the most suitable candidates. We were then able to hold a hugely successful assessment day at the College, which allowed us to choose 8 talented apprentices to join our organisation. This process was so popular, that we are planning to make this a regular practice, so we constantly have an influx of new apprentices.

We have found that integrating our apprentices into established teams drives positivity through the whole workforce because of the new energy and different dynamics our apprentices bring.

Paul Worthington

Managing Director

Beverston Engineering

Knowsley business thrives thanks to apprenticeships

St Helens and Knowsley Community College have been able to supply us with a pipeline of talented apprentices that meet our needs. Our apprentices have proven to be versatile and a great fit for our business, as we get to train them in how we would like them to work from the start. Apprenticeships are not an easy route and expectations are high, with the reward of a great career in engineering on offer.

Rod Wah

Managing Director

MGF Excavation Safety Solutions

Using apprenticeships to identify future talent

Utilising apprenticeships has allowed us to empower learning and development within the company, helping to kick start the careers of our apprentices.

They provide a great opportunity for individuals who are motivated and inspired, to get straight into work, learn and build their career prospects and they also enable companies like MGF, to train an apprentice to the specific standards and skills required by the organisation.

St Helens College has facilitated such a smooth and straightforward recruitment process, from identifying our requirements and providing a free recruitment and matching service, which resulted in a strong pool of candidates, to support with completing paperwork, ongoing communication with apprentice progress and helpful advice when needed.

The apprentices we have recruited from St Helens College always settle in well. They are hardworking and are a great support to the team.

Karen Maxwell

HR Manager

Bagnalls Painters and Decorators

Supplying one of the UK’s largest Painting, Decorating and Industrial Coatings contractor with a steady stream of apprentices

The process of recruiting an apprentice with St Helens College is always made easier as their staff have the required skills and knowledge to facilitate the process. We have continued to be fully satisfied with the calibre of apprentice being offered and look forward to recruiting many more apprentices in the future.

Kevin Travers


Barrow Street Dental Practice

Using apprenticeships to train tomorrow’s dental nurses

Having had experience of other apprenticeship schemes, I was attracted by the fact that St Helens College is a ‘proper’ college. Many providers of apprenticeship education have only distance learning and, although I am sure they fulfil mandatory standards, the quality assurance at St Helens College reassures me. At least in the field of dentistry, providing the training that leads to professional qualifications and registration through this kind of teaching institution seems appropriate to me.

Peter Martin

Principal Dentist

Lowe House Dental Practice

Providing outstanding quality dental care for patients through apprenticeships

Apprenticeships provide a great opportunity to give to people who are motivated and inspired, to get into work, learn and build their career prospects. You can train an apprentice to specific standards required by your organisation.

St Helens College have helped to make the paperwork process easy and also gave helpful advice when needed. By utilising the College’s free recruitment service, we were able to pick from a very strong pool of candidates.

Nicola Brooks

Practice Manager

Benefits of Staff Training

Grow Your
Grow Your Organisation
Upskill Existing Staff or Train New Recruits
Upskill Existing Staff or Train New Recruits
Increase Productivity and Efficiency
Increase Productivity and Efficiency
Attract and Maintain Motivated Staff
Attract and Maintain Motivated Staff