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Halton Housing

St Helens College has a great reputation for delivering apprenticeships. I have worked with them previously on both apprenticeship qualifications and stand alone courses such as AAT. The College are clear about expectations from day one, which runs parallel with the expectations we have of our apprentices.


Operational Development Officer at Halton Housing


Future-Proofing Workforce Through Apprenticeships

St Helens College provide a dedicated account management service and help support our annual apprenticeship recruitment by hosting assessment events and facilitating the candidate selection process through to enrolment and on-boarding. This significantly reduces the impact of time and resource it would take to do this ourselves.

The College is a key partner in the successful development of our apprentice team members and actively encourage HMS to shape the curriculum, to suit changing demands we face.


Managing Director

Benefits of Staff Training

Grow Your

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Upskill Existing Staff or Train New Recruits

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Increase Productivity
and Efficiency

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Attract and Maintain Motivated Staff

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