Why choose us?
Our public and uniformed courses are designed to prepare you for every aspect of your chosen career. You'll not only increase your fitness levels and physical endurance but will also develop your problem solving skills, leadership skills and communication.

You will benefit
Our tutors have had fantastic careers within the public and uniformed services, some having worked in the RAF, HM Prison Service and Royal Marines. They will be passing on their knowledge and skills to you as you train to enter the service of your choice.

You’ll be training in our gyms and working hard in the sports hall to improve your fitness and ability. Every day you’ll learn how to work better as a team, taking part in adventurous sports and even learning how to map read.

You will succeed
Whether you want to become a police officer or join the Royal Marines, we’ll prepare your mental and physical fitness so you’re ready to ace the recruitment and selection process.

You will stand out
You can expect to go on interesting trips, meeting special guest speakers such as members of the police, ambulance service and armed forces. Previously, our students have taken part in helicopter training exercises, fire service drills and have stepped aboard military ships.

When you leave us you’ll have all of the skills that you need to enter your chosen profession and have a successful career.

Why study Public and Uniformed Services with us?

Employer Links

Strong employer links with uniformed and non-uniformed services.

Leading Recruiter

Leading North West recruiter for the RAF (Platinum Partnership Award).

Support and Preparation

Support and preparation for your next stage interview and fitness tests.

Guest Speakers

Special guest speakers such as the Royal Marines, Fire Service and Police Officers.

Develop Your Skills

Develop your teamworking, navigation and communications skills.

Improve Your Fitness

Build your strength, endurance and fitness levels in our gym, exercise studio and sports hall.