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"Transforming lives through excellence in education and training"

 Statement of Aims

Our Mission Statement is underpinned by a number of aims:

  1. to make a leading contribution to the welfare and economic development of our local communities and the Liverpool City Region by providing the curriculum and skills that employers need;
  2. to provide good value for taxpayers’ money ensuring high quality education and training and delivering the commitments to product offer, high quality provision and strong financial health made by the College Group in response to the Restructuring Facility investment;
  3. to be an inclusive College Group where each individual is respected, valued and safeguarded as part of an enjoyable, supportive and caring learning and working environment;
  4. to motivate high performance and innovation within a culture of high expectations of professionalism, integrity, strong work ethics and teamwork;
  5. to ensure successful education, training and personal, social, moral, cultural and spiritual development and welfare for students ensuring that they are well prepared for life and work in Britain today;
  6. to build students’ confidence and employability skills, including English and maths, through excellent careers advice, teaching and training and work experience resulting in progression to further study or sustainable employment;
  7. to achieve consistently high customer satisfaction from students, parents, employers and other stakeholders;
  8. to lead in education and training partnerships for the benefit of all partners and the local community;

Public Value Statement

The College Group seeks to add value to the social, economic and physical well-being of the wider communities that we serve by:

  1. Providing education and training in accordance with the College Group’s mission, statement of aims and values meeting the needs of learners, employers and the wider communities in general;
  2. raising aspirations of learners and the communities by promoting prospects and celebrating success;
  3. ensuring a broad curriculum offer with good progression routes from entry level to Higher Education and Training;
  4. promoting healthy life styles and good citizenship skills to all students and colleagues;
  5. being responsive to the changing needs and circumstances;
  6. actively listening to and engaging with the stakeholders of the College Group aiming to provide the best possible service within the Mission of the College Group;
  7. being a respectful and responsible employer;
  8. always acting with corporate integrity.