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Careers in engineering are varied and exciting, with rapid advancements in a range of fields. You will develop your skills in our specialist engineering workshops, using industry-standard equipment and machinery to prepare you for your future career. You will also have the chance to support your studies with work experience with local employers.

You will benefit

Our industry expert tutors have held successful careers with global companies and are very passionate about sharing their employer links with you to ensure you gain the necessary skill set to succeed in your career.

You will succeed

Every industry depends on the efficiency and skill of engineers. They design, create, test, prototype, repair and improve products and processes that affect every aspect of our lives so you may find yourself working on transport networks, renewable energy sources, hydroelectric and wind turbines or manufacturing and construction building services.

Many of our students have successfully started their own engineering companies or have secured a variety of engineering positions.

You will stand out

Our engineering courses are tailored to meet the demands of the current economic climate, to ensure that your skills are highly sought after when looking for employment.

As well as increasing your employability skills, you'll build a great deal of work experience and have the chance to build new working contacts, friendships, relevant knowledge and life-long skills.

A qualification in engineering could lead to your dream career:

Image showing the jobs and salaries available in the engineering industry. Automation Engineer - £25,000 - £50,000, Product Designer - £19,000 - £50,000+, Welding Fabricator - £20,000 - £50,000, Electrical Engineer - £20,000 - £60,000, CAD Technician - £15,000 - £35,000+, Mechanical Engineer - £22,000 - £55,000
*Salary data collected from various sources. July 2022.



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Inspiring Success

Picture of our student, Rebecca

“I have learnt so much both at College and in the workplace and it’s great to be training for my career whilst earning a wage.”

Rebecca, Level 3 Technical Extended Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Read Rebecca's full story