"My course forms an outstanding part of my CV and has developed my experience and knowledge so much."


Animal Management alumnus, Alex, is currently studying Zoo Management at University of Chester. He dreams of becoming a Zookeeper and opening his own zoo one day.

Upon completion of his level 3 Extended Diploma, Alex went on to gain incredible experience as a Seasonal Zookeeper at Blackpool Zoo. As part of his role, he was responsible for general husbandry tasks within the Amazonia enclosure, which Blackpool Zoo refer to as a ‘South American wonderland of mammals and birds.’

Talking about his role, he said, “My day-to-day responsibilities included cleaning and maintaining the animal enclosure, which is home to 15 squirrel monkeys and over 50 birds, while preparing meals, feeding them and monitoring their health. I also had the opportunity to supervise a walkthrough of the cheeky squirrel monkeys – as they love nothing more than getting up to mischief! This proved to be a harder task than I had imagined but I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.”

When reflecting on how his passion for animals and his fascination with the natural world started, Alex said, “From a very young age, I’ve always had the urge to lift up a rock in the garden to see what bugs were underneath - ruining my dad's garden in the process! But this was definitely the main building block of my chosen career path.”

He added, “Having such a supportive family, played a big role in being able to explore my interests when I was growing up. They allowed me to bring any critter into the house, fill up the sandpit with pond water and tadpoles, and I would just watch and document the whole process. This is when I realised a career in the animal management industry was what I was born to do.”

After completing his GCSEs at Golborne High School, Alex already having a desire to work in the industry, joined our level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management. As part of his course, Alex gained access to an incredible work experience opportunity with Walton Hall Gardens, undertaking all of the responsibilities required of a Zookeeper. Further fuelling his passion for the industry, Alex was able to go on a number of trips to museums, animal sanctuaries and zoos such as Knowsley Safari Park, Blackpool Zoo and Merseyside Dogs Home.

Alex credits his already extensive list of experience, to his time at St Helens College, he said, “My course forms an outstanding part of my CV and has developed my experience and knowledge so much. I now find myself using what I have learnt every day, not only as part of my degree but when completing work experience. At College, I was fortunate enough to have been taught by some incredible tutors, who were passionate about their subject, while working with species native to countries from around the world, in the indoor and outdoor animal units.”

He added, “When people ask how I managed to begin working in the industry so quickly, I strongly believe this is because of the course that I did at St Helens College.”

As Alex approaches his second year of his Zoo Management degree at University of Chester, he is excited to be able to enhance his skills within animal training, by training an animal of his choice. He will also have the opportunity to visit Africa or Costa Rica to participate in voluntary conservation work.

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management

Zoo Management at University of Chester

Joined us from
Golborne High School

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