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In the most recent step of this exciting unit, the students were shown how to identify different species of game birds, as well as quality points to look out for when examining specimens. The students also had the opportunity to de-feather game birds, and were also shown how to skin and present a rabbit.

The catering tutors spent time explaining to the students the importance of using ethical sources for produce, including game animals. Irresponsible farming and breeding can lead to poor quality meat and supports poor practices; the students listened as the tutors encouraged responsible purchasing, which leads to better quality dishes.

Once the students had plucked their game birds and prepared them for use, they had the freedom to set about creating innovative dishes, taking care to add garnishes and flourishes to brighten their plates. We’re sure you’ll agree the results were mouth-wateringly fantastic!

This intensive session gave the students some valuable experience working with a range of new ingredients, and is sure to help them become more well-rounded chefs. Take a look at our gallery below to get an insight into the full process- please note however that this gallery does contain images of animals prior to preparation for cooking and may be distressing to some.

Catering students fly high in first foray into Game & Poultry